Welcome to Heffernan Family Farms!

 A Message from the Owners

The  Current Owners of the Heffernan Family Farms are Ryan and Terri Heffernan; Currently serving military members. Mother and Father to five beautiful daughters: Rachelle-lynn, Paige, Lillian, Skylar, and Rayne. They also have two beautiful grandchildren, Jaycob and Victoria.

Ryan and Terri Heffernan are animal lovers who were sick of seeing animals treated terribly before being slaughtered and felt they could do better.

What started as a hobby for them quickly became a passion and a future retirement plan.

They are installing the love of all things animal into their children whom enjoy working on the farm along side their parents. When the children grow and the parent get old  they may take over the business or at the very least appreciate the animals  who provide the meat to help sustain them.